Frequently Asked Questions

What is Himalayan Salt?

It is the most mineral dense salt in the world. It contains 84 trace minerals, as the ability to provide electrolytes and has a lower sodium content than regular table salt.

What is the difference between coarse, fine and superfine salt?

There is no difference in the quality of the salt, or the minerals available in the salt. It is only a matter of preference in the texture of the salt being consumed.

Are there other names for Himalayan Salt?

Yes, some are Pink Himalayan Salt, Black Salt, White Gold, Pink Salt, Pink Crystal Salt, Himalayan Pink Salt or Halite.

Does Himalayan Salt Expire?

No, if kept in a cool dry place the salt will never expire.

Why is Himalayan Salt better than Table Salt?

Himalayan salt does not contain any chemicals unlike Table Salt which is so processed that there is no true comparison to the nutritional values or benefits between the two.

Is your salt Kosher?

Yes, we are certified Kosher.

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Is your salt Halal?

Yes, we are certified Halal.

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Why do the lamps vary in color?

Since each item is hand carved after being selected from the mine there will be variations in color from pink to light orange. The difference in color is caused by the amount of iron within the salt rock.

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Your Direct Link to the Himalayan Mountains

Your Direct Link to the Himalayan Mountains