Game Day Loaded Baked Potatoes 

Enjoy these steaming treats, perfect for any Game Day party or neighborhood BBQ. Follow our recipe ingredient and preparation instructions below: 


6 Russet Potatoes 

16 oz of Sour Cream

1 packet of Ranch Dip mix

2 cups of Sharp Cheddar cheese

8 slices of turkey bacon 

2 stalks of green onion 

Himalayan’s Finest Pink Salt (to taste)

Pepper (to taste) 

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1.First, bake potatoes in a 400 degree oven for an hour

2.While potatoes are baking, prepare turkey bacon on a stovetop, cook on one side for 1 minute then flip to the other side for another minute. Transfer bacon onto a paper towel to wipe off excess grease. Once bacon is cool, take a knife and chop them up in crumbles. 

3.While potatoes are still baking, prepare the ranch dip according to directions on the packet (you will use the sour cream here). Put the dip inside a fridge until the potatoes are ready. 

4.Let potatoes cool for 5-10 minutes when easy to handle.

5.Cut potatoes in half, then scoop out the middle of potatoes (using an ice cream scoop or spoon is fine) and place in a bowl. Set hollow potatoes aside. 

6.Take ½ of the prepared ranch dip and mix with potatoes in the bowl. 

7.Add half of the bacon crumbles, one cup of cheese, Himalayan’s Finest Pink Salt and pepper in the bowl and mix. 

8.Use ice cream scoop to load the mixture back into the skins. 

9.Finish topping the potato halves with green onions and remaining bacon and cheese. 

10.Place potatoes back in the oven for 15 minutes or until cheese is melted. 

11.Let the potatoes cool, sprinkle some more Himalayan’s Finest Pink Salt and pepper and serve with remaining ranch dip. Enjoy!