A Beginner’s Guide to Cooking With Himalayan Pink Salt

If you’re looking for ways to be more adventurous in the kitchen try cooking with pink Himalayan salt. Here’s everything you need to know.

Are you always looking for new and unique things to try for dinner? Let’s face it, cycling through the same old recipes gets boring fast.

If you stay up-to-date on cooking trends, you’ve probably heard people talking about the latest kitchen craze – Himalayan pink salt. But, what makes this type of salt better than the rest?

Well, the good news is that people love pink Himalayan salt for more than just it’s color. There are tons of health benefits to using this salt over normal table salt. And you can utilize it in many different ways in the kitchen.

Do you want to know more? Keep reading for our ultimate guide to cooking with pink Himalayan salt.

The Benefits of Pink Himalayan Salt

Alright, so before we dive into how you can use pink Himalayan salt, let’s talk about why you’d want to.

If you’ve been trying to eat healthily, you’ve probably been cutting down on your salt intake. But, natural salts, like pink Himalayan salt, actually give you many health benefits.

It’s loaded with minerals, like iron and calcium, that most people don’t get enough of in their daily diet. Plus sodium is important to balance fluids and contract muscles.

Himalayan pink salt offers a purer and organic option to table salt, so you can get the sodium you need while getting added benefits that table salt just doesn’t offer.

Alright, so now that we’ve convinced you to make the switch, let’s talk about how you can cook with pink Himalayan salt.

Use It Instead of Table Salt

Do you automatically reach for the salt when it comes to season your food before you eat it? Let’s face it – salt is a great seasoning. It elevates many different kinds of foods, including meats, rice, vegetables, potatoes, and soup.

While you should try to keep your sodium intake at or below 2300 mg a day, that doesn’t mean you have to stop salting your food. In fact, processed foods and fast food are usually to blame for excess sodium in most American’s diets.

But, why salt your food with regular table salt when you can get all the added health benefits of using pink Himalayan salt?

Sprinkle Over Soft Pretzels

Do you turn to soft pretzels as your go-to cheat food? There’s just something about the soft texture of the pretzel mixed with coarse salt and gooey cheese that makes it the ultimate snack.

You can help curb the guilt on your treat by using pink Himalayan salt on your soft pretzels. You can buy salt grinders, to get coarse pink Himalayan salt and make your own healthy soft pretzels at home.

Put It in Baked Goods

If you have more of a sweet tooth, then it may be cookies and cupcakes that do you in.

You may notice that most baked goods call for a little salt in the recipe. While not everyone tastes a difference between Himalayan pink salt and table salt, those who can sometimes say that pink Himalayan salt is a little sweeter.

While this probably won’t make a huge difference in your final product, those with sensitive taste buds might just notice a difference. If you love the taste of Himalayan pink salt, try this nutbutter cups recipe! The added salt on top makes for the perfect combination of salty and sweet.

Cook on a Himalayan Salt Block

One thing that makes pink Himalayan salt so amazing is its versatility. Of course, you can use it to season your foods, but you can also use it to cook your foods.

Himalayan salt blocks make excellent cooking surfaces. The crystalline structure allows heat to spread evenly instead of being hotter in the center and cooler on the edges. This means you’ll never have to worry about burnt edges and raw middles again!

Of course, your food will get the chance to absorb some of the pink Himalayan salt, so you’ll have a tasty and healthy dish that won’t be overly salty.

But pink Himalayan salt blocks can be used for more than cooking. It’s also a great serving and display tray. Not only is it unique, so it’ll be the talk of your party, but it can help foods maintain their temperature – whether that’s hot or cold.

Use It to Season Steak

Do you love the steak at high-end restaurants but can never seem to replicate it at home? That’s because seasoning is key when it comes to steak. Even high-end steak can seem lackluster without proper seasoning.

Using pink Himalayan salt is the perfect way to cook amazing steaks at home. Natural salt will absorb the meat juices while cooking, so your steak will retain its flavor. Once you try it once, you’ll never want to go back to unsalted steak.

Make Sports Drinks

If you’re trying to live a healthy lifestyle, you probably spend a few hours a week exercising. Have you ever felt nauseous or gotten headaches during or right after exercising?

If so, your body probably needs electrolytes. While many grab for their favorite colored sports drink, there is a healthier option. You can make your own DIY sports drink with some water and pink Himalayan salt.

Just place Himalayan salt chunks into a glass jar, cover it with water, and let it sit overnight. If all the salt chunks have dissolved by morning, add a few more. Repeat this process until the water is so saturated with salt that the salt chunks no longer dissolve.

Strain the remaining chunks out of the water and store this mixture in the fridge. Just mix one teaspoon of this into a glass of water to boost your electrolytes before or after your workout.

Your Guide to Cooking With Pink Himalayan Salt

If you’re looking for a way to incorporate some extra minerals in your diet, you can’t go wrong with pink Himalayan salt. Just follow our guide, so you can reap all the benefits of this ingredient.

Are you ready to start cooking with pink Himalayan salt? Check out our products today to get started.


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